Let us say up front: We use both e-mail and LinkedIn to send marketing messages. We do not object to the practice.

When we do it, we send a personalized message – sometimes even accompanied by a personalized video – after researching enough about their company that we can speak individually to what they might need.

Sometimes we’ll send a follow up if the recipient gives some indication of interest. Sometimes we don’t, because we’re not in this to be a pest.

Having said that, I’d like to share a stream of messages from a recent new LinkedIn connection – none of which I ever responded to. I will not share the sender’s name:

  • JUL 1

12:39 PM

Looking forward to connecting!

  • JUL 3

11:21 AM

Glad we’re connected, Dan. Took a look at your business and wanted to reach out. If I could show you the Digital Performance Amplifier that can take you from chasing down new customers to opening up a raging river of steady business… Would you be curious to see how? Businesses come to us to never worry about where their next customer is coming from. I’m sure you have a lot of marketing options thrown your way… and it can sometimes be difficult to know who to trust and what to choose. Would be happy to build you a custom strategy and show you EXACTLY what this would look like for your business specifically. When is a good time to connect?

  • JUL 4

11:28 AM

Hi Dan, just following up on my previous message.

  • JUL 6

11:50 AM

Hi Dan, I know I came through unannounced. But I wanted to circle back on my previous messages. Dan, are you 100% sure that a significant portion of potential customers aren’t being turned away by some aspect of your digital presence? We can find out! What day/time works best for a Complimentary Marketing Strategy Session?

  • JUL 10

12:40 PM

I saw your name pop up on my feed so I wanted to touch base. Would love to connect to show you the Digital Performance Amplifier that others in your space are using to go from barely having any new customers to being flooded with new business WITHOUT doing the work themselves. When is a good day/time for you?

JUL 14

12:52 PM

I want to be persistent but not annoying, Dan. So this is the last message I’ll send. If you’re curious about a custom marketing strategy to take your business to the next level and amplify your Online Presence… happy to chat. I’ll leave the ball in your court.

He did stop after this, so I’ll give him credit for being true to his word.

But I’d like to know: Salespeople always talk about persistence and so forth. I’ve always understood that to mean, say, if someone tells you to follow up in six months, you make a note and actually do it.

But this type of messaging? Relentlessly pelting someone for days on end when they have given you no reason to think they’re interested at all?

Someone who really knows sales, tell me, because I’m prepared to be enlightened.

Is this effective?