We tell your story – using a combination of snappy video vignettes and compelling written content. And we present it directly to the audiences who are most strategically important to you.


North Star Marketing Content clients are looking to speak directly and effectively to clients, prospects, employees, community members and influencers – in ways that attract attention and can’t be forgotten.

Effective marketing content needs to say the right things in the right way – to the right people.

Each client is unique, but in every case we learn about you and master the presentation of your unique value proposition. Then we produce the content that ensures no one can ever forget it.

What we do

Custom Video Vignettes with Brand Ambassador Host

Video is the most powerful medium to attract online views. Managing editor Michelle Cohl is an experienced actress and brand ambassador who will present your story.

Blog Posts

So many companies have the best of intentions but can’t keep their blogs current or engaging. We will keep your blog fresh and interesting, and we’ll make sure it furthers your strategic business objectives.


Book Ghostwriting

Your ideas combined with our writing ability are a winning combination. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple and quick the process is.

Sales Material

What really makes your products and services stand out? We’ll make those distinctions come to life descriptively and persuasively.


E-mail Campaign Content

Direct, powerful and compelling, we help you convert your e-mail list into sales with copy designed to compel action.

Social Media Content (written and video)

Stay in front of your followers with memorable words and images that make you stand out from the newsfeed crowd.


Employee Communication

Don’t leave it to your employees’ imaginations. Make sure they hear what’s going on from you – regularly and comprehensively, so your entire company is on the same page.



Don’t expect the news media or the grapevine to tell your story. We’ll help you tell it directly to the people it impacts most.



Is the piece you hand out going to make an impact? We’ll make sure it does.


Op-Eds/Thought Pieces

Are you a thought leader? We’ll turn your thoughts into compelling articles that show your target audiences they can look to you for insight and leadership.


Customer/Client Correspondence

When you write to customers, do you come across in a voice that says value, service and quality? Our job is to ensure that’s exactly the impression they get.


Press Releases

If you have real news to announce, you want experienced business writers doing the writing, which is why you want us on the job.


Web Site Content

Your web site is your best chance to tell the world who you are and what makes you stand out. We’ll make sure your web copy presents you in the most powerful manner.

Ad Copy

It could be three words of multiple paragraphs, but when you pay for ad space, you want the message to drive customers to action. That’s what the copy we write is designed to do.

New Business Proposals

What’s the best case for you to get the gig? We’ll put it in words that your prospective client can’t help but find persuasive.

Sponsored Content

If you’re investing in the opportunity to publish sponsored content, it needs to be engaging, thought-provoking and on point. Our job is to make that happen.


Speech Writing

A speaking opportunity can be a huge break, and our experienced speechwriters will take your thoughts and help you present them powerfully.

Our Team

Angie Calabrese

Copy Editor

Angie is one of the best in the field of proofing and copy editing. She serves as the lead editor of 14 community magazines throughout Metro Detroit, and has been trusted to proof copy for corporate clients like Infinisource and Amistee.

Angie has also served as a book editor for former presidential candidate Herman Cain, and for several other successful authors.

Her role at North Star Marketing Content is simple – yet intense and crucial: To make sure no errors make their way out the door in any client content.

Dan Calabrese

Editor in Chief and CEO

Dan founded North Star in 1999 after a decade’s worth of experience as a marketing professional, PR account executive, municipal government assistant and journalist.

During those years Dan has guided the company through industry changes, including the downturn in the newspaper industry and the rise of digital technology that made it possible for clients to reach key audiences directly in unprecedented ways.

In addition to leading the company and the editorial team, Dan also serves as one of the lead writers of client content. Dan also continues to work as a professional journalist, and has written four Christian spiritual warfare novels.

Michelle Cohl

Managing Editor and Brand Ambassador

Michelle is a multitalented professional who serves clients both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. As one of Metro Detroit’s most in-demand brand ambassadors, Michelle serves as host for our client video vignettes – presenting our clients’ stories and often interviewing client principals and other key stakeholders as part of our clients’ social media and web presence.

Behind the scenes, Michelle applies a decade’s worth of administrative and operational experience to organizing and managing our first-rate team of writers, handling assignments, enforcing deadlines and making sure all things – from people to resources – are deployed as they should be. North Star’s operational excellence owes to Michelle’s steady day-to-day hand.



Year Founded


People Persuaded to Buy last WEEK

CAFFEINE-FREE DIET Cokes consumed last year

Our Clients

Herman Cain Media Division


Supply Chain Solutions Inc.


Community Marketing & Publishing

Matthews Publishing

Hour Detroit

American Trucking Associations

Franco Public Relations Group


Wander PR


Red Wagon Advisors


Trinity Facilities Solutions

Our Latest Work

From Our Clients

In 2012, I needed a capable and professional editor to make HermanCain.com a destination people would want to read every day. I knew Dan Calabrese was the man for the job, and for eight years our partnership with North Star has kept our site brimming with excellent content and highly engaged with our audience.

Herman Cain

Radio host and former presidential candidate

North Star’s turnaround is quick and it’s amazing how well they deliver the message.

Ann Willets

Generating Buzz PR

When we roll out a new service or a technology advancement, North Star helps us develop the strategy and delivers a well-written announcement every time, usually well ahead of schedule.

Steve Cartwright

Chief Operating Officer, American Payment Systems Omaha, Nebraska

“As a business coach it’s important to position myself as a thought-leader, but I don’t have time to write blog posts and I’m not a writer. North Star interviews me each week in a quick, to-the-point session and helps me draft a post that sounds like it came right out of my head.”

Wade Wyant

President, Red Wagon Advisors

The team at North Star is wonderfully creative and versatile.  They have been an important part of our team for one of our largest clients.

Michelle Soyars

Vice President, Vela Marketing and Public Relations

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