Those who write marketing content love to talk about the client that’s changing the world. We’ve had no shortage of opportunities to do that here.

Our very first client back in 1999 had developed the world’s first all-plastic vehicle body. Since then, we’ve worked with companies that developed industry-changing technology, designed entirely new payment systems and came up with ways for communities to organize wholly within the digital realm.

It’s fun to put words like “revolutionary” or “historic” or “unprecedented” in a headline.

There is one problem, though. Most of what the business community does on a day-to-day basis isn’t historic or revolutionary or unprecedented. It’s normal, everyday stuff that people need and depend on. And it has to be that way.

The consumer and business worlds are just as excited as anyone else about the next greatest thing. But what consumers and businesses need every day is for those they deal with to get the basic things right.

There are a lot of companies out there who do a great job at the fundamentals. They always take care of their customers. They fulfill every order on time. Their product quality is consistently excellent. When there’s an issue of any kind, they address it quickly and follow up to make sure everyone involved is satisfied.

Companies like that deserve to have great marketing content written about them too. It’s just that content like this can’t follow the popular formulas that make splashy claims about changing the world.

There is no reason stories like this cannot make for compelling marketing writing. Happy customers make for great stories. Excellent quality assurance systems are inspirational. Outstanding management that keeps things running efficiently can produce stories about people, systems and philosophies. Writers can and should be able to make outstanding content out of stuff like this.

We often talk to companies who are almost apologetic about what they do, explaining sheepishly that their business “isn’t sexy.”

We’re not writing Penthouse letters here. Quite the contrary, we love to get into the details of how companies keep their customers satisfied with products and services that may not revolutionize life on Earth, but add value and inspire customer satisfaction on a consistent basis.

If you’re a writer, you owe it to those companies to tell their stories with the flair and impact they deserve. And if you’re a company like that and you never thought anyone could tell your story in an interesting way, here we are.