We’re going to play a little close to the vest on the details, but last week we had the pleasure of spending three days in Green Lake, Wisconsin, helping a client who has asked us to ghostwrite his book.

The book will be quite a read. The primary focus of the book will be about his business’s discovery of employee joy but it’s also very much a personal journey story for the CEO.

We worked hard – going over themes, organizational ideas, categories, etc. We also had unforgettable moments. Michelle got to spend her nights in a boathouse on the lake, enjoying the sort of setting that Ernest Hemingway might have written about. She also got to hit golf balls and ride an electric mountain bike.

Dan got to eat pizza, dip grapes in fruit dip and sample an otherworldly omelet.

Oh, we also got to cruise the lake on two different boats, and we got so close to a regatta sailboat race that we could actually hear the competitors swea – er, talking to each other!

(“I didn’t know sailing was a contact sport, you *******!”)

Being us is pretty cool. After telling you about our trip to France in December (also to work on a book), we’re grateful to God for once again putting us in this position.

Green Lake was lovely. Our client is awesome. And sometimes we can’t believe this is our job.

If you want to know more about that job of ours, here’s where you can find out.