It was an experience we’ll never forget – successful in a business sense and breathtaking in a personal sense. In early December we visited both Switzerland and France, but mainly France, while working with our client Stephan Goss to complete a book project and kick off our work for his crypto company Atera.(Thanks so much to Stephan for bringing us over there!)

So we promised we’d share some more photos. Here they are. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we loved taking them:

A mountainside town in Switzerland near the French border.


The Moulin Rouge, which we’re told was once the home of houses of ill-repute in Paris.


This is the Pantheon in Paris. It’s the burial place of some of France’s most prominent historical figures. It’s also an easy place to get lost inside.


The statue is of Voltaire. The casket behind him is also that of Voltaire, meaning, yes, he’s in there.


Arc de Triomphe, the monument to Napoleon’s glory. First stone laid in 1806. Completed in 1836.


Notre Dame is less accessible than normal because of the fire in 2019. There is extensive repair work being done to the structure.


We think you know what this is. It’s spectacular all the time, but especially at night.


As the auto racing announcer was heard to say: Look at that S Car Go.


Being in Dijon is like stepping back in time. 800 years back in time. And they’re still using these buildings.


Coffee in France is very good. It’s also very small. But one of us (Dan) learned the hard way that doesn’t mean you should drink 10 of them.


Didn’t everyone look down and see Iceland today?