Many of you know that our Disney-trained managing editor Michelle Cohl also serves as client brand ambassador in our video productions. She does an amazing job interviewing our clients and presenting their value propositions to the world.


Michelle’s pretty good live too, and she had the wonderful honor this past Saturday night of narrating the Christmas Concert at Woodside Bible Church’s Troy Campus.

Here’s just a little taste:


Michelle worked so hard to prepare for this presentation – countless rehearsals and hours at home reading and re-reading the lines. In the end, she knew she needed to just let go and trust God to lead her through it, and He did.

The entire performance, led and coordinated by Pastor Lee Hart, was simply breathtaking. We’re so glad to have been there (Dan just watching, of course, with the rest of the family, and Michelle at center stage).

Now this is brand ambassador work! We pray that your Christmas is a wonderful time, and that you’re truly blessed by the realization that God sent His only Son to redeem us and reconcile us to the Father.

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