We think thanks is best expressed when you name the object of your gratitude. So today, as we’re playing (not just watching) football and getting ready to diverge from our usual Thursday fast – and we really diverge – we want to take just a minute or two to thank a very long list.

First, thanks to all of you who have connected with us here on LinkedIn, and who see the posts we offer about our business, communication and life in general. That’s 7,503 people between the three of us, and we’re grateful to every one of you for keeping us in your respective networks. It’s nice to have a social media platform that keeps the focus (mostly) on business, and where you’re much more likely to keep the focus on positive, productive things. That’s because of the people who are here, and the reasons they’re here.

So thank you to all of you for that. We’ll continue to do our best to contribute to that positive environment.

And our 7,504th offer of thanks (except that it’s really our first) is to God, because He is awesome and has been unbelievably wonderful to us in blessing and sustaining our company for the past 22 years. When we’ve done well it’s because He showed us how. When we’ve not done well, He’s been gracious to us and kept us going anyway.

So thank you to all 7,504 of you. We love you. Now go eat your Thanksgiving dinner and don’t blame us for how the Lions do. Our grateful selves can be found at our web site, which is right here.