Here at North Star Marketing Content we make it a priority to kickstart our mornings with a Bible Study. At first, this was something one of us recommended to sharpen her iron. But as time went on and more people found out, we found ourselves leading a study first thing with several people jumping onboard.

But why is this important to do in the workplace? How do you even have time?

For us, it’s not a matter of time. We know firsthand that God redeems any time we feel we’ve lost. It’s like the person who speeds up to the red light, then sits there waiting just like everyone else.

But being steeped in the Word and praying is, for us, just another way to set our minds on what is right. And what is good.

Today we had a client – who will remain nameless – with whom we jumped on a Zoom call. He was going off about how incredibly overwhelmed he was. To no one’s surprise, Michelle asked him, “Have you prayed?”

His response was, “When I get time.”

Well, right then he was on our time. So, we decided to pray with and for him.

I guess we should put into perspective that this client of ours is also a good friend, and a Christian. We knew who we were talking to. But he was so caught up in the busyness of life and money and business – and so are many others. It’s why we often forget the meaning of our work.

We’re here to help other people.

We’re here to provide a service that brings them peace of mind, or joy, or assistance.

And of course, we need money to keep moving forward. But we can’t lose our focus on the bigger picture.

We are called to love.

Prayer is important because it’s how we become wiser. It’s important because it’s how we gain confidence and power. Prayer is important because it’s how we rebuke the devil and his relentless pursuit of us.

We are called to pray. It is something that God designed us to do. And whether you have a team like ours, where you can get together and fervently pray, or maybe you’re only able to do so on a bathroom break, I encourage you to do it. Speak to Him. Stay grounded and firm. We are called for goodness and love. Don’t forget that when you get caught up in the secular world of running a business or being employed at one.

Oh, and if you need some help communicating with content (blog posts/white papers/newsletters or more) we’re here for you. We’re also here for you if you need some prayers. Just let us know. 😊

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