Managing Editor Michelle Cohl joined North Star Marketing Content in March 2020 after 10 years as the assistant to a real estate broker. That might seem like an unlikely career move, but Michelle had shown us in a variety of ways that she was multitalented, and we wanted to bring those strengths to our clients.

Fourteen months later seemed like a great time to check in and let her tell you all about how she’s worked every day to give you her best here at North Star Marketing Content.

Q. When you first started, what did you hope to bring to your position as managing editor?

A. I felt like I was bringing confidence, particularly in my customer service skills and my networking ability. I love talking to people and finding out who they are and why they enjoy the industry they’re in, and then getting to tell their story in an authentic voice. I very much enjoy the thought leadership that comes from so many of our clients, and because of that I love getting the chance to interview people and help them get the most out of their businesses. My skills in networking and customer service help me to get the most of out that.

Q. What impression did you have of what we do here and how it impacts our clients?

A. I thought it was really neat how we’re able to capture the client’s voice, and I really enjoy my role in making sure we are doing that. I think authenticity is something that’s really important in society today – making sure people know who you are and that you’re not just trying to get a sale or money. That’s something we do very well – putting that across on behalf of our clients. It is so important and we do it well too. I was and still am so impressed by that.

Q. What have you found out about yourself since you’ve been part of our company?

A. I have found out that I am a really fantastic leader, whether that’s leading a meeting when we first start with a client – leading the conversation on how to help them – or leading the process of managing the file. My confidence in that leadership ability is growing, and that’s something new for me – having the independence to really take on a leadership role. I always had to get approval from my previous job, and now I’m the one who’s making sure it’s approved and up to my standards. I love that.

Q. Did it make you nervous, being trusted with that level of responsibility?

A. At first I was not that confident, having come from a role as an assistant where I was constantly asking, “Is this OK?” That was a habit that set in. But I don’t think it took long afterward to break out of it and really start trusting myself. And I have a great teammate who helps me with that confidence.

Q. Tell us about the work you do as client brand ambassador, particularly the video interviews you host.

A. These videos are such a fun part of my job. I was trained by Radio Disney as a host, and since we have our own studio here, it’s been a great opportunity to conduct these interviews with our clients and really bring out what’s special about them. My experience on camera, not only the Radio Disney work but also quite a bit of acting and entertainment work, makes me comfortable and confident on set. And we always make sure the interviews cover the most important points from our clients’ perspective. Lately we’ve been focused on conducting these interviews remotely to ensure our clients feel comfortable, but I can’t wait to start them in person again! The video work we do here is one of my favorite things.

Q. What do you want your clients to know you’re going to do for them?

A. I’m going to make sure we’re always on time with our deadlines, that we’re always touching base and keeping them updated on what we’re doing. And I’ll always be friendly and kind when we speak. You’re not going to have to worry about me getting frustrated with you. And we’re going to do good work. If something is not up to our standards, we don’t put it out until it is. And on the rare occasion it’s not up to a client’s standards, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it is. As managing editor, I will make absolutely sure of that.

Q. What’s your favorite part of working here?

A. I really feel part of a team. I have a teammate who I can trust, and I don’t think there are a lot of companies out there where people really trust the members they’re working with. Every day I come to work and there is something different we’re working on. I really enjoy that variety, whether that’s business coaching, politics, automotive, mental health advocacy, financial consulting or so many other things. It’s impactful too. There is so much to do every day and it’s a treat to hear the passions these people have. Being able to help them get their message out – either in video or in written word – is a real joy.

Thanks, Michelle! We’re just as glad to have you with us!

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